futureSAX Startup Competition 2017

On 28th August the award winner of the futureSAX Startup Competition have been honoured in Dresden by Martin Dulig, Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport. The goal of the futureSAX Startup Competition is to promote innovative and growth-oriented startup plans in Saxony and to develop initial ideas cooperatively into business models. The best business ideas and startup concepts are selected and evaluated by a jury of specialists.

Innovation Prize of the Free State of Saxony 2017

The competition for the Saxon State Award of Innovation takes place every two years, and high-growth companies resident in Saxony who employee up to 500 employees may participate.

futureSAX Alumni network

Top-Innovators need creative spirit. That’s why we created the futureSAX Alumni Club. You cannot apply for membership, you must excel in either the Innovation Prize of the Free State of Saxony or the futureSAX Startup Competition to become a member. But it’s worth the effort. In our Alumni club you will meet the brightest innovators and most successful entrepreneurs of Saxony. Networking and exchanging thoughts with them will truly inspire you and help to scale your business. It’s all about the right spirit …

futureSAX Idea & Innovation Showcase

We help scaling high-potential businesses by giving them more visibility. Participants in our competition will be part of our Showcases that will be available online and will also travel physically on our roadshows in Saxony and worldwide. This way we help them to raise awareness for their business among customers, investors and other partners.

Saxon Innovation Summit

The Saxon Innovation Summit takes place each year. The event is our major highlight each year where the futureSAX community gathers. This is the perfect networking event, where you will meet an amazing range of people: Creative Startup teams, Tech Entrepreneurs, Brilliant Scientists and anyone else from Politics to Journalists. And of course, by participating in the event you will be among the first to know about the winners of the Startup Competition and the Innovation Prize of the Free State of Saxony, as we will reward the prizes at the event.

Innovation Forums

The semi-annual Innovation Forums examine new, innovative approaches and trends in diverse commercial areas. The forums act as a platform for information and communication. The goal of the Innovation Forums is to bring together representatives from industry, science, research, and politics in order to develop ground-breaking ideas, exchange know-how, and promote corresponding cooperation in Saxony.