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futureSAX Innovation Summit 6th June 2016 in Dresden

The futureSAX Innovation Summit 2016 marked the highlight of the futureSAX year, when more than 500 people gathered in Dresden for the award ceremony of the futureSAX startup competition.

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futureSAX Innovation Forum 27th October 2015 in Plauen

More than 100 innovators gathered for the futureSAX Innovation Forum on October 27th 2015 in Plauen. The event attracted a crowd from different industries and all sorts of entrepreneurs and founders. The perfect atmosphere to discuss how to identify and transfer innovation potentials in a cross-industry approach.

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futureSAX Innovation Forum am 09th March 2016 in Markkleeberg

The futureSAX Innova­ti­­on­ Forum on March 9th 2016 in Markkleeberg was all about digital transformation. This is both, a big challenge and a great opportunity, in particular for the “Mittel­­stand” in Saxony. No wonder, more than 160 participants from industry, politics and technology took part in the biggest ever futureSAX Innova­ti­­on F­forum. Also, the members of the Government advisory board „Digital Economy“ gathered there. The event was also the perfect frame to introduce pur new „futu­reSAX-Live Innovation exchange“, an interactive format to promote technology transfer.