The nominees of the Innovation Prize of the Free State of Saxony 2015


Branch: Crafts / Cultural and Creative Industries

The application relates to the automatic blasting system ‘TWISTER’. This is both as a product and concerning the blasting process an innovative invention. It carries big sustainable effects on energy saving, time saving and secure quality parameters for the processed parts.


Fäth Group

Branch: Cleantech / Energy

As the first company in the global market, we offer a revolutionary slurry recycling system, which brings savings of up to 85 percent of chemical raw materials and water in the production cost. Our slurry facilities are used in the semiconductor industry but are also employable in the manufacturing sectors BG/dicing, solar, electroplating and environmental technology. The recycling plant we developed gives the possibility to filter the waste water slurry-mixture, released by the production process, and recover the valuable slurry.


ThyssenKrupp Presta Chemnitz GmbH

Branch: Automotive

ThyssenKrupp Presta Camshafts developed with the team @ Chemnitz plant a very high innovative assembled Light Weight Camshaft for different Heavy Duty engines. The innovation of this camshaft is based on a very high reduction of the camshaft weight by round about 40% compared to conventional camshafts and is therefore a huge share for the reduction of CO2 emission of the complete heavy duty engine and in the appropriate combination of several materials and elements on the camshaft.


Augenoptik und Hörgeräteakustik Riedel GmbH

Branch: Crafts

EORA is an aesthetic hearing aid solution in combination with modern hearing aid technology. The innovation is giving women with hearing problems the opportunity to have an open hearing aid solution whilst having the technology on their ear lobe. In spite of a very good technology, hearing aids are not accepted in the mainstream. EORA contains a fashionable approach: The jewelry is changeable by the user itself.


BEBE Medien GmbH

Branch: Cultural and Creative Industries

The BEBE Medien GmbH has pushed the nationwide high-quality online radio detektor.fm into the digital world. The new responsive website and mobile apps enables the radio to be on every kind of digital device. The radio recently published an innovative app for Smart-TVs and an app for the automotive industry. No other German radio offers an app for an online based radio service in a car. So the listenership is growing constantly.


eZelleron GmbH

Branch: Wholesale / eCommerce

kraftwerk®, the handheld mini-power plant uses innovative fuel cell technology to convert standard camping gas or lighter gas directly into electricity. This gas is available cheaply all over the world. The highly efficient device can be easily refilled again and again, in seconds. kraftwerk® is ready to go and provides energy for an astonishing eleven smartphone charges. With just one charge of gas, the user is completely independent of the grid for weeks.


imk automotive GmbH

Branch: Semiconductor and Electronic Industry

The human work planning software application (ema) is a unique digital human model supporting the product development process from concept until end of process. All working steps of human worker can be simulated as conventional 3D human model. Based on applied science and project validation, the product development process can already be planned much more efficient in an early period.


Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

Branch: Semiconductor and Electronic Industry

Integrated circuits (ICs) are the key to solving complex EMC problems. Testing an IC in operation with respect to its EMC is by no means a matter of course today. The IC test system from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH allows an IC to be tested with respect to its EMC parameters in operation. Analyses of conducted immunity and emissions can be carried out by hand at each individual IC pin and of radiated immunity and emissions via the IC housing.


Norafin Industries GmbH

Branch: Chemical Products / Materials

The innovation of the worldwide new sensor integrated panel heating, based on 3D particle-loading nonwovens, is characterized by fast, uniform heating and cooling, also at complex structures, in the low-voltage area, by homogeneous heat distribution, high flexibility and drape, possibility of integration in composite materials and simple contacting at the lowest contact circuit resistance.



Branch: Measuring and Process Technologies

Industrial accidents, disasters or terrorist attacks are often from hazardous substances, such as occurrence explosive gases, carbon dioxide or radioactive radiation accompanied. The protection of forces, the population and their rapid evacuation supports this system due to the combination of personal hazardous substances sensors with organ function sensors.