Naturally inventive – the futureSAX Innovation Forum at Wackerbarth castle

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More than 120 entrepreneurs and scientists met at the second futureSAX Innovation Forum 2016 on Wackerbarth castle. “Discover innovation potential – Utilise momentum from biotech” was the topic of the day. Participants discovered how biotech influences other industries as a through cross-cutting technology. This was how the futureSAX Innovation Forum contributed to the cross-innovation in Saxony.

“Involve the sometimes surprising scope of application of biotech into your business model”, that was how Dr. Hartmut Mangold, Saxon State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Transport put it. He left no doubt, that biotech will be a key enabler for future innovation – well beyond pharma and medtech. This is why it will be of great importance for the economy in Saxony to leverage on the strength of academic research in this sector in Saxony. Knowledge and technology transfer is key to success, therefore the futureSAX Innovation Forum was centered around the exchange between science and companies as well as cross-sectoral networking.

Sandra Wirsching, Divisional Director at BIOCOM AG addressed the participants in a plenary session with an overview of importance and development of biotech in Saxony and beyond. Interactive sessions followed, involving speakers from companies as Lipotype, Biotype Diagnostic and Infineon Technologies as well as academic research institutions as DBFZ, TU Dresden, Fraunhofer IWS, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung and the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden.

These sessions were focussed on interactive exchange and centered around the topics „New products and processes“, „Interdisciplinarity – thinking outside of the box“, „Sustainability as competitive advantage“ and „The markets after tomorrow”. These interactive sessions clearly brought cross-innovation to life.

Michael Thomas of Sächsisches Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth and Matthias Schuh of Weingut Schuh had the closing remarks by introducing into one of the oldest applications of biotech – the making of wine.

A perfect summer evening and a good glass of homemade wine was the perfect setting for the participants to network and find new cooperation partners. We are excited what projects and synergies may follow!

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