A day full of ideas, transfers and innovation – the futureSAX-Innovation Summit

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At the 28th August the time had come – the peak of the futureSAX year, the Innovation summit took place at Festspielhaus Hellerau. Over 500 guests, 21 pitches for investors as well as cooperation- and projectpartner, plenty information and impulses for startups over 100 entrepreneurs and of course the awards at the prize giving-competition year 2017 – a exciting and successful event.

The most important firstly – Martin Dulig, Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport honored the most innovative Saxon founders and organisations and also knowledge and exemplary technology transfer actors from Saxony. The winners are the “Gebrüder Leonhardt GmbH & Co. KG Blema Kircheis” from Aue (the most innovative organisation), the “watttron GmbH” (founder) and Dr.-Ing. Frank Schladitz from “C3 –Carbon Concrete Composite e.V.” (transfer award), both from Dresden. 

In addition the “futureSAX public award” was organized with friendly support from itelligence AG. The most of 2.000 public votes gained the team “Windelmanufaktur” from Dresden. The special award of the “Sächsische Handwerkskammern” went to the “SAXONIA Feinsteinzeug Manufaktur OHG” from Neukirch.

Before the awarding a variegated show for the participants took place. Over 60 participants from futureSAX startup competition and from Saxon State Award of Innovation looked the show cast.

Also on the show stage many things happened: all-round, diverting and dynamically creative. The opening of futureSAX innovation summit by Marina Heimann and Markus H. Michalow and following interviews showed exemplarily what could be discovered and experienced during the conference.

The quotation of Oscar Wild “The future belongs to those who recognise the possibilities before they become clearly” should stretch through the whole day and excite incentives for some active exchange with other participants and stimulated the conversation and the curiosity on 100 innovations.

Ten innovative founders and young entrepreneurs searched in frame of the futureSAX investor roadshow and presented their ideas and projects in pitches of 3 minutes.

At the futureSAX-Innovationsbörse searched innovative projects from the economy partners and proved beside, which varied science and which innovative potential the Freestate has.

But beside the stage the offers were many-sided – the mood was fantastic.

The futureSAX-Learning-Network went under the topic “Ready to transfer?” – 6 scientific institution showed transfer-projects to touch. At the mentoring network “Ready to start-up” participants had the possibility to get information about the topics “promotion and financial”, “Coworking & infrastructure” and “incubator & accelerator”.

Furthermore the “Sächsiches Mentoring Netzwerk” started in this way that the participants were able to get coached in groups at the location. Intensive communication between potential and present entrepreneurs and strong partners in Saxony for all topics around the founding-process are the proof, how well start-up segment has been accepted and how lively the Saxon founding-scene is.

At the Alumni-Area, where not only the exhibitions from 12 competitors, but also 6 “Jugend-forscht”- prize winners 2016 were able to be found, the new and “established” Alumni arrived later then. The futureSAX family further grows….

A day full of ideas, full of transfers and full of innovations – the futureSAX-innovation conference has been a complete success.

A warmly thank-you to all protagonists and guests, who contributed with their commitment, curiosity and passion.